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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First Lemming.

Hope everyone had a very happy non-denominational capitalist winter-time gift giving season!

Today I am happy to say I have fulfilled my first ever major lemming, that is to say, the first HTF polish that I saw and just HAD to have. The story of this lemming started with Lextard and her Flickr of amazing swatches. There it was tucked into her superbly organised lists. For a year now I had scoured ebay, amazon, 8ty8beauty, transdesign, VNS... no where ever had it. Then came the awesome blog sale of Michelle at A Stroke of Color that I stumbled upon a little after midnight on my birthday. My biggest lemming was ordered, coming to me like like a sweet sweet present on Christmas Eve...

The original version of China Glaze's No Way Jose.

I love the gorgeous glass fleck and the bright-yet-pale purple of this baby. This was 3 coats for complete opacity, and drying time was kind of on the long side (due to the fact that this is old-school non-B3F), but I sooooo don't care (that's what they invented Seche Vite and drying drops).

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