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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Wore My Black & White Dress For

Hello all,

Today I just have a quick swatch of a franken I made at 2 AM this morning during yet another bout of crazy crazy insomnia that I call The Birthday Massacre (named after a band, with a song that the title of todays blog comes from).

Now, I was going for a Big Sparkle-y Glitter in a black base, and overall I'm marginally satisfied with my results, though I think I added a bit too much black and not enough clear to the base, because this is SUPER opaque in two coats with not enough glitter shining through for my complete satisfaction... anywho, to the pictures

^ Multi-colored large hex, medium green square, and micro gold, blue, and green glitter in black ^ 

^Sunlight, showing some of the micro glitter^ 

^Sunlight, showing the full opacity^

So that is it for now... promise to get to some other lovely choices now that the weather seems to be improved.

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