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Thursday, March 31, 2011

In A Tizzy Over Tanzy

Hello all!

As a general rule, I severely dislike summer. I don't like 110 degree temps, I don't like kids being out of school everywhere, and as a natural redhead the sun is my worst enemy. The thing I do love about it though is the nail polish collections, filled with neons and sparkles and glass flecks oh my! So since my southern California weather has decided that summer is on its way, I chose to break out one of the absolute beauties of the new Zoya Sunshine collection that I used the BOGO code they released to get. This is Tanzy, a stunning tangerine sparkle, foil, something or other (not sure what to call the finish on this one except to call it AWESOME). I am completely in love with this color, even in super dim light it glows, seriously can't-stop-staring fantastic color!

This was two coats. This polish applied beautifully, dried fast-ish, no word yet on ease of removal, but I'll let you know when I take it off (though I'm expecting it to be a sit and soak kind of removal without a lot of rubbing a la OPI Burlesque's shimmers).

Until next time!

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