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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gems for Trixie

Hey there!

Today I have my very first Nail Of The Day... A blindingly blingy combo which was described by my brother as "a clown exploded on your nails" composed of one coat of Zoya's Trixie covered by one coat of Milani Jewel FX in Gems.

 Gems is a fantastic glittery explosion of medium sized silver, orange, gold, and green hex glitter, and small blue, green, silver, gold, and red round glitter in a clear base. I think this could be totally opaque on its own in 2-3 coats, and it is relatively smooth for a glitter this chunky.

Look at that bottle... sooooo pretty.

^ Indirect Sunlight ^

^ Uber-sparkle in sunlight ^

To my layman's eye this looks a heck of a lot like Lippmann's Happy Birthday, which I will do a comparison of once my bottle of Happy Birthday arrives. The main difference I can see is that Lippmann's hex glitter seems larger in other swatches I've seen, as well as having more colors of glitter, and possibly being less opaque, but if these things aren't super important to you and you're looking for a less expensive alternative, Gems is a real winner.

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