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Monday, November 29, 2010

A little bit of an intro...

Hello All.

My name is Heather (who'd have guessed right?), and I'm a 20 year old massage therapist/pet-sitter/health food clerk/nail polish addict. I'm aiming for this blog to be a way to share my love of all things nail polish-y with others who share my predilections.

My addiction started young, with an aqua jelly packed with holographic glitter from Claire's when I was 5. I wore it to my first day of kindergarten and was promptly chastised for it being distracting... I ran with this and wore nothing but blue or silver nail polish for the next 13 years, it was my little way of being the rebel in schools filled with pastel pinks or thick, ugly, square-tipped acrylics.

Then, I discovered the nail blogs. I was inspired, elated, ravenous for new polishes, and soon filled my collection with different textures and colors. My little collection went from being able to be kept in a small clutch to filling my first Helmer in 8 months with no signs of stopping.

Well, that's my intro for today... I hope to post NOTD pics and swatches tomorrow.

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